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5yr / Male

Coat: Standard

Black & Silver


When Knox was a puppy, the first thing we noticed about him was that this cute little baby looked like a little old man. The second, for a German Shepherd, even a mix, he was vertically challenged. But his personality made up for anything he lacked in size. In a world of big and tall, Knox was very proud be be a small.

As we always hope, Knox found a home with another small. They were good friends. Unfortunately, COVID came along and after spending almost three years with his family, Knox developed separation anxiety when they had to go back to work. He was returned to Coastal where we have promised him that we will find a home that will this time be forever.

Knox is still very proud to be a small, walking among the big and tall. He can even walk under them if they're standing in his way. Don't let the short legs fool you though. This little "old soul" is very fast. He can run like the wind and keep up with many of his foster siblings. Knox loves people. He loves other dogs too. He likes an environment that is free of chaos and will try to control the chaos if his people don't. He has been known to correct the errant dog here and there.

He loves to chase balls, loves to chase toys, loves to lay beside you wherever you are. He loves his doggie bed. He's okay in the crate as long as he's not alone. And did we say he loves his people? In case we didn't, he loves his people.

His perfect world and family would include a family that can work with him and his separation anxiety, one who loves him as much as he loves them. Another dog would be good, as long as they don't want to be a pesky boss. He would like a girlfriend. He would love to go for walks and to go anywhere that he can people watch.

And if his little legs, cute eyebrows and big smile don't touch your heart, read his eyes. They say it all.


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