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San Diego County & lower West Riverside County
"Your dog receives the same high level of compassionate care from our Rescue Staff and Volunteers as all the rescue dogs we lovingly support".
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Why Board with us

Boarding to Rescue

Our unique donation-based, boarding program is dedicated to providing exceptional care for your family dog while supporting the rescue dogs of Coastal K9 German Shepherd Rescue.

Unlike traditional care facilities constrained by zoning limitations, we prioritize the well-being of our canine guests by offering a different approach. 

  • Our climate-controlled kennel buildings feature in/out privileges, ensuring your dog can bask in the sunshine and relish the fresh air whenever they please. Cool dogs are happy dogs.

  • With spacious play yards

  • With a dedicated team of caregivers

We provide the perfect environment for your dog to thrive while you're away.


What sets us apart is our commitment to providing a comfortable and enriching experience for every dog while contributing to the welfare of rescue dogs in need. With our “Boarding to Rescue” program, we're not just about providing a safe haven for your pet, we're committed to making their stay a joyful and enriching experience.

Why Board with Us?

  • Boarding donations are tax deductible!

  • We care for your dog like they’re our own

  • On-site coverage 24-hours/day

  • We know German Shepherds and Shepherd mixes

  • Special diets accommodated

Daily Report Card

Daily updates about your Dog with our
Daily Report Cards

Providing parents with a report card is an effective way to keep you in the loop when it comes to your dog's care. We offer an easy-to-understand summary of everything dog parents might miss while separated from their furry friend, like what you need to know about your dog's behavior. 

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We give parents an inside look at your dogs’ experiences throughout the day. Plus, you’ll love any cute moments that you capture and will feel like they were right there with your dog!

We send report cards via email or SMS. We connect with you on multiple platforms. ​

Don't miss any details while you are away. Daily medical notes are included.

We've got you covered.

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Rates & Services

Single Dog

  • Nightly Rate - $75.00/night

  • Extended Stay Rate (10+ Nights) - $64.28/night

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Multi-Dog Discounts

  • 2nd Dog $63.75/night

  • 3rd Dog $55.00/night

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Extra Add-on Services

  • 2nd Walk - $15

  • One-on-One Play Time - $15

  • Additional Meal (2 Included) - $5

  • Special Medication Admin - $5

  • Daily Report Card - Included

To reserve space in the “Boarding to Rescue” program, register with our online "Desktop" customer booking portal by either following the Customer Portal link HERE and creating an Owner and Animal Profile or you can download the “Gingr” App and use that. Once you launch the App, use the following Location Code to get connected with us. 542405

Current Vaccines are required to board with us. You will be able to upload these through your Animal Profile in the customer portal.


When complete, you can start booking!!


A one-night deposit is required on all “Boarding to Rescue” reservations.

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Our primary contact is our boarding email or complete the Quick Question form below.
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