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3.5 month / Male


Blond, Black


Delta is around around 3 and a half months old now.  He and his brother, Dandy, were rescued from a bad situation.  They were undernourished, afraid of everything and were both missing fur because the mites had taken over.  It took a couple of days in a foster home for them to learn to trust their foster mom, but once they have, she is their human now.  

While Dandy is the outgoing one, Delta is the one who likes to stand back.  He likes his humans once he gets to know them, but a must in his forever home is another confident dog.  He loves other dogs.  Even when he was scared at the vet hiding in our arms, as soon as he saw another dog walk into the lobby, his tail started going from side to side and his ears perked up.  He has learned who he can trust.

We are looking for a home with Delta that has that other confident dog, one who can be his monkey-see-monkey-do partner and teach him things that us humans could never do.  He is a nervous puppy, so small children are a no for him.  He wouldn't want to hurt anyone, but they are so scary to him that he just wants to hide.  

We know that with the right family, Delta is going to blossom and grow into a wonderful companion.  His demodex is healing.  It will be a little while before his fur grows completely back, but when it does, he will have a full beautiful sable coat and his little man wrinkles on his forehead will be a thing of his past.  

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