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Z-Whiskey Belle (courtesy post)

15 month / Female

Coat: Standard

Black and Tan

Z-Whiskey Belle (courtesy post)

Hi my name is Whiskey Belle,

I am a fifteen-month-old female German Shepherd. My mom rescued me from the side of the street in a box. She saw that I was a good dog and started giving me the best training. I know some German and some English commands.

I love kids and I love to play and I'm loyal. I love to play in water, and I am crate trained at night. I do have some fear when the garbage truck comes around and I’d rather be in the house with my human.

But the main problem came when my mom got a baby in her belly and started to have health issues. She was not able to keep up with my training and after she had her new baby, I wanted to protect her and the baby, so I fought with our other dog because I thought he was coming too close to my mom and the baby.

For that reason everyone is worried that I might be "over-protective" and someone might get hurt. They have decided another home would be better for me with someone who has time to continue my training, (in resource guarding), take me on walks, and give my heart the attention that it needs. If you know someone that could help, take care of me, and love me just as much as they do, please contact Teresa at,

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