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Z-Peter Pan Puppy Litter (courtesy post)

7 Weeks - 3 Males, 6 Females

Good with big dogs:

Good with cats:

Z-Peter Pan Puppy Litter (courtesy post)

California Doodle Rescue:


Let us introduce you to the Peter Pan litter,  born 12/16/23 to a shepherd mom. Dad didn't stick around to identify himself. Just like the story, they are full of magic, wonder, and spirit. All are eager to learn and explore the world. Our fosters are already working on house and crate training. The puppies are located in Southern California and are available for adoption.


Please apply through The litter has their own listing on the website with an associated application form. You can add one or multiple puppies to the form or put ‘any puppy’ once you start filling it out. We are cross-posting this litter on several sites and cannot hold puppies. So be sure to submit your application soon to be considered. Specific inquiries can be sent to


Meet the girls:

Darling is sweet and calm. She can also be a tad bossy but don't worry, Darling rules with a gentle paw. She's more likely to sit and watch you than try and climb the puppy gate to get to you. She's a nuzzler and prone to finding earlobes for kisses.


Hook may have a little hook in her tail, but has been the most agile in the bunch and is a climber in her crate. She prefers to cuddle with her siblings and would be a great addition to your pack. She's super snuggly and loves human attention. She likes to look you right in the eyes.


Maggie has beautiful black and tan markings and is true to her breed. She’s brave, confident, vocal, and playful. Maggie is already dragging around stuffed animals as large as her. She is more independent than her litter mates and doesn't like to be cuddled as much. Probably because she's busy doing shepherd things.


Nana is intelligent, curious and playful. She loves to explore and will tell you all about what she has learned. At only 6 weeks old, she is already picking up the command Sit. She loves to find a toy and play keep away.


Tinkerbell is affectionate, goofy and cuddly! Tink loves being held like a baby. She's more interested in laptime and games than exploring. She seeks out human interaction above all else. Can we say Velcro dog!


Wendy is the most shy, reserved and sweet in this bunch but loves attention when held. She is not as vocal as the other females but that might be because she is busy nuzzling your neck and soaking up your love. Wendy will also keep herself busy chewing on what she can find, so be sure to have lots of toys handy since she is easily redirected.


Meet the boys:

George is the largest in the bunch and is a gentle giant. He looks like a little cub and loves to cuddle or can hang out independently. He is quiet compared to his siblings. He's probably pondering how he got so lucky that you'll be adopting him.


Patches is cozy, silly, and sweet. Patches is the runt of this litter! He loves his naps and groans anytime someone disturbs his slumber. He prefers a warm lap to the pup bed.


Rufio is as sweet as cookies n cream, just like his colorings. He is a giant soft cuddle bug and quiet compared to his siblings. He doesn't mind observing his surroundings independently but treats will get his attention.



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