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Z-Olson (Courtesy Post)

6.5 Year / Male


Black & Tan

Z-Olson (Courtesy Post)

This is a courtesy post for Olson:

Olson is a roughly 6 1/2 year old German Shepherd who was dumped at a nature preserve outside Palm Springs in December 2019 with a severe eye infection. A staff member took him in and got him healthy and strong and has been caring for him the last 3.5 years, but unfortunately their job requirements necessitate long periods of time away, which leaves Olson alone and anxious which has been very hard on him.

Olson is a 90lb gentle giant with a floppy ear, who loves kids and gets along well with other dogs. He’s a super mellow homebody and has never displayed interest in trying to wander off, instead preferring to stay close by his house. He’s very easy going on a leash and doesn’t pull, but he does like to stop and sniff things. He’s great at riding in the car and stays very calm in the backseat. He is a very sweet, gentle and mild mannered dog who is incredibly affectionate towards his human.

He enjoys having a ball thrown and chasing after it. He really likes kids and the attention they give him, even if they get a little too rough with him. He likes being brushed, and tolerates being bathed (though it’s not his favorite). He’s never displayed any aggression towards people, and if kids get too rough he’ll just stand up and wander off. As long as he’s first introduced in a neutral area to other dogs before they enter the house he’s fine. Otherwise if a new dog shows up at his house he’ll assert his dominance and herd and nip at them for the first 10-20 minutes, then he chills out. His behavior with cats is unknown.

Medical info:

Olson has lost the hair around his eyes from the infection he had when dumped. His eyes don’t produce enough natural tears so he needs to have artificial tear ointment applied to eyes twice a day to stay healthy. This is a really easy task he’s very dialed in on and takes less than a minute. He’s fully cooperative on this. His eye medication costs around $60-$80 a month depending on brand. His current owner can provide an initial 3 month supply of this.

He’s fully up to date on all of his immunizations etc, and his medical records are available. Other than his eye condition he’s 100% healthy.

Olson would make a great fit with a family, or retried/semi retired/work from home type that can be around to give him some attention and playtime. Because of his background being dumped he does get anxious if left alone for long periods, and would not be a good fit for someone who’s gone from home most of the day.

If you would like more information about Olson, please contact Kerry at,, or by cell at 760-902-5808.

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