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1 Year / Sable

Coat: Standard


Good with big dogs:


Good with cats:



This is a courtesy post for Emma. For more information on Emma, please contact Nancy J at,

Meet Emma, the resilient German Shepherd who defied the odds. Rescued from the euthanasia list at the Riverside Shelter, Emma's journey from emaciated and unwell to happy and healthy is nothing short of miraculous.

At just one year old, Emma is a vibrant and affectionate female who adores people and most dogs alike. Her love knows no bounds, and she eagerly awaits the chance to shower her new family or human with affection and loyalty.

Emma's transformation is a testament to her indomitable spirit. Once frail and weak, she now exudes vitality and strength, thanks to the care and love she received from her rescuers.

Emma is well-prepared for her next adventure with her foundational training in sit, down, shake, stay, heel, off, and leave it. Whether it's a brisk run or a leisurely stroll, Emma is adaptable and excels at any pace, making her an ideal companion for outdoor excursions or relaxing evenings at home. She even delights in shopping and dining outings, where her impeccable behavior earns her compliments from admirers.

Emma's zest for life knows no bounds, and she's ready to share her enthusiasm with her forever family. While she adores people of all ages, Emma's boundless energy might be best suited for older children initially, while she is very careful during playtime, she can get very excited. P

With her outgoing personality and willingness to please, Emma is the perfect candidate for a loving family looking for a trainable and loving companion to join them on life's adventures.

Now spayed and bursting with joy, Emma is eagerly awaiting her forever home – a place where she can continue to flourish and be the center of attention. If you're looking for a devoted and trainable canine companion, Emma will be your best friend.  

Nancy J

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