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Z - Levi (courtesty post)

3 year / Male

Z - Levi (courtesty post)

This is a courtesy post for Levi, a beautiful 3 year-old male. If you are interested in learning more about Levi, please contact Danni at,

"Hi there! My name is Levi, and I am a 3 year old male German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois cross. My life started out tough. I was adopted as a puppy into a home in National City. I am not a dog who likes to be left alone in the yard and I kept escaping. My parents got in trouble, so they sent me out to someone in the country who owned a goat farm. The farmer chained me up in the yard as a guard dog, but I don’t bark very often. When I escaped the chain and was running around the neighborhood, someone found me and my owner didn’t want me back.

I’ve been professionally trained in basic obedience on and off the leash by Absolute K9. I know sit, down, stay, come, heal, go to your bed, crate up, and leave it. I am potty trained and crate trained (I get anxious in the crate and drool but I mind my manners). I’ll stick to your side even off a leash and try really hard to please my person. I am good with other dogs and don’t mind friendly strangers. I really bond hard to one person, though, and want a family where I can have a stable connection to my leader.

Like all dogs my breed, I need exercise every day. I come from more of a working dog background and have more drive than an average pet. I do good in the house though and like to play with my foster brother, a male GSD, or sleep on my dog bed. Praise is the best thing when training me. I am not a fan of livestock, but I don’t mind children. I’ve been exposed to kids age 2 and over."

I am quiet and don’t typically bark. I’ve behaved submissively when confronted by other dogs. I love to run off the leash and, mostly, I love to be by my person’s side as much as possible.

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