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Z - Charlie (courtesy post)

1-1.5 years / Female


Black & Tan

Z - Charlie (courtesy post)

This is a courtesy post for Charlie. Charlie is spayed and up to date on shots. If you would like more information on Charlie, please contact Jackie at,, or 323-404-7853.

"We picked up Charlie almost a year ago to "foster" for an acquaintance, and they have since moved away a few months ago, so we wound up with Charlie. Charlie is some type of Shepard mix who is now 1 1/2 yrs old.  She loves to play, has lots of energy, is a bit destructive with toys, wants to be with another big dog to play with, yearns to be on long walks all the time, wants to be loved, and overall is a beautiful big good dog.The problem is my dog Bowser, of many years who is small wants to play with her and has popped out both of his kneecaps since he is one-third her size, so when they play on the floors in our home Charlie drags him around by the toy causing the kneecaps to pop and him unable to walk until the vet pops them back and he rests for a week each time in confinement.Charlie needs a home with someone willing to walk/run her daily, preferably twice a day. Charlie would thrive at home with a large yard. She loves attention and would be best with another large dog to play with.She needs a home with a dog door as she likes to go inside and outside on her own.

Other Traits:

Unfortunately likes to sneak into bed with us and on the couch. She also barks at other dogs when walking her. She seems very bored and would really like a dog friend to play with and go on walks more often."

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