LillyAnne - Lab

LillyAnne - Lab

2-3yr / Female

Coat: Standard


At first glance, Lilly Anne would seem to be the one who doesn't belong. She doesn't look like your traditional German Shepherds. Most of our Shepherd mixes don't. Her ears don't stand erect. Her color and face and the tuxedo she so proudly wears are a giveaway for the Lab breed she is mixed with.

For all of her differences, Lilly Anne has one thing that connects her with all the rest, one thing that makes her just like them, the need of a family. On the good days, Lilly gets to go on walks with her volunteer friends. She gets to enjoy her time in the yard, and sometimes even flirt with the dog next door.

If you are interested in meeting this dog, please fill out our online application first. Contact us via email at The minimum adoption donation ranges from $300 to $400. This amount only partially covers the cost of veterinary care, boarding fees, and other miscellaneous expenses involved in the temporary care and adoption of our dogs and is tax deductible. Prior to placement, all dogs will be spayed or neutered, receive current vaccinations, and are usually microchipped. If not, arrangements will be made on an individual basis. Special consideration may be given to those willing to adopt older dogs or dogs with physical problems.

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