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2 years / Female




Hi Everyone!

Here’s a quick story about Dani Girl from her foster home:

"Dani came to us from a shelter in Riverside, she was brought in as a stray and pregnant. Dani was housed in Isolation until she gave birth . . . . she gave birth to 3 pups, all were born dead. For some reason, more than likely the lack of staff members, Dani was left in Isolation for a good 5 days! Fast forward,...once she was out of ISO, what they saw was a very happy girl, starving and timid but happy. She arrived at Coastal 45 days after arriving at the shelter.

Dani at home:

I have fostered many dogs for Coastal, going back to 2005, and Dani by far is the best foster I’ve ever had. It’s hard to imagine to have a foster that is very well behaved, well mannered, house broken, obedient and sweet.

She lives with 2 foster brothers, she is very respectful and listens quite well to them when being taught what the house rules are of the pack (and she learns fast). Dani is crate trained, she loves her crate, she is a gentle eater, sleeps through the night without a peep. She walks very well on a leash, she isn’t afraid of the vacuum or the hair dryer, or loud noises, or cars that drive by while on a walk.

Dani learned how to play ball, at first she wasn’t sure what to do with these round things that goes up and down, once she saw what her foster brother was doing with these round things, that’s all it took, and there she went, she mimicked every bit of it. She has yet to learn how to catch a ball in midair though, she tends to bounce with the ball . . . slowly but surely she will the trick of catching a ball in midair (her foster brothers are a male GSD and an 18 pound Jack Russel Mix)

A few sad things about Dani’s past, we believe that she was mistreated in her previous home. I picked up a pair of my flip flops from the floor to move and she took off running and hid shaking. Initially any fast movement of a hand she will run, or when I first was fluffing laundry she runs away. Or taking off a sun hat used to frighten her.

It took about 3 days for her to be comfortable, and about the same time is when she felt safe going to the backyard with the pack, she used to wait by the door and make sure nothing bad happens to her. Her foster brothers have been incredibly instrumental in showing her the house and the entire backyard is a good and fun place to be.

Since then, she has come almost full circle, she goes out on her own, plays, doesn’t shy away from laundry anymore, not gun shy of the hand. Dani is very well mannered, she doesn’t demand a lot, she is very easy going. She rides like a champ in the car and is housebroken and loves to play chase with other dogs, she is not one to wrestle.

She does have a little tiny naughty side, (she is still young, about 18-24 mos old), if you can’t find your glasses or perhaps a bill in an envelope, or your hair clip claws, check her crate, she probably took them to sleep with.

Dani is gaining weight slowly, she was quite underweight. She was riddled with scabs from flea bites, most of her coat blew after giving having her first bath.

The home that would be best for this sweet little girl is and Adult only home that does not have a lot of foot traffic, preferably one that has another dog and one that loves to go for walks.

All in all, with the past that Dani had to endure, this little Angel is absolutely as precious as they get, she still believes in hope, and that there are good people out there that would want to love and care for dogs like her..

If you are interested in meeting this dog, please fill out our online application first. Contact us via email at The minimum adoption donation ranges from $300 to $400. This amount only partially covers the cost of veterinary care, boarding fees, and other miscellaneous expenses involved in the temporary care and adoption of our dogs and is tax deductible. Prior to placement, all dogs will be spayed or neutered, receive current vaccinations, and are usually microchipped. If not, arrangements will be made on an individual basis. Special consideration may be given to those willing to adopt older dogs or dogs with physical problems.

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