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7 Months / Male

Long Coat

Black & Red

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Listen to Bodie's Story Above

Bodie made his cameo appearance during the holidays.  Bodie had just lost his home, a home where he spent his days alone in a crate, waiting for owners to come home. When we got the call to help him, we couldn't turn him down.  When we got him, though, we were shocked at the condition he was in.  At four months old, he was almost 20 pounds underweight.  His coat was dull and faded.  His back end was so low that he didn't just walk on his paws.  He walked on his legs, they were just so weak.  


Bodie went to a foster home where he was introduced to other dogs.  It wasn't easy at first. It was obvious that Bodie hadn't been socialized with other dogs in his short life. But it was soon that he made friends. He ate with a vengeance, and the more healthy food he got, the shinier his coat became. His ribs became less apparent, and the sunken stomach became a normal puppy belly. 


One thing we noticed about Bodie, was that he was just a little slower.  We couldn't quite put our finger on it.  Multiple visits to the vet and finally to a specialist gave us a diagnosis.  Bodie was born with a congenital heart condition.  One of the valves didn't form correctly.  We were hopeful that it was something that would be surgical, but were informed, that just isn't done with dogs. 


So, after shedding a few tears and talking more to the doctor, we came up with a plan. The shock of this type of diagnosis can put you on your knees quickly until we realized that Bodie is just like any other dog, person or living being.  He is no more promised a tomorrow than any of the rest of us, and the most important thing in our life is how we live today.  With his doctor, we got the medications that he needs to manage his condition.  After just three weeks, his heart has improved.  It will never be healed, but it has improved.


So, what does Bodie need?   Bodie needs a forever home or a long-term medical foster home.  Long-term fosters don't come by every day. It's a big ask for anyone. Many of us are afraid of cases like Bodie's, not knowing if we can handle not knowing what we don't know, not knowing how to help.


If Bodie could speak to anyone considering taking him home, he would tell them, "Please don't be afraid. I am not. I enjoy living every day. I can help you be strong." 


And who is Bodie?  Well, he's a 7-month-old puppy with a broken heart that can't be fixed but a soul that is ready to be mended.  Bodie likes to play with other dogs, but he does need a home with an adult dog who isn't quite as rambunctious as a younger puppy like he has in his current foster home.  While he loves to play and run around, he knows that he shouldn't run around like a banshee, and he can lose patience with the younger ones who constantly pester him to play when he is taking his rests. 

He loves to play with a ball.  While he shouldn't be running full speed playing fetch, he loves to play kick the ball with his person.  After all, having his person kick the ball with him makes it twice the fun.  He loves to pick his ball up and swing it from side to side, showing anyone just how quickly he can let the air out of a ball.  He loves to relax in the sunshine.  Bodie can go on easy relaxing walks.  He can run around in the yard, all at a more relaxing pace.


And relaxing pace is what Bodie really enjoys.  Bodie loves his walk to an empty park where he can choose the spot where he lays or sits in the grass, soaking in the sunshine, raising his face into the breeze and just watching as people go by in the distance, sometimes a bird, even a butterfly, as though he is taking a photograph of everything he encounters, all of the wonderful moments.    He loves to share all of those moments with his person, even in their lap if one were to let him.


Bodie's foster needs to be able to give him his medications, which he happily chews up with no problem, and be able to get him to his occasional vet checkup.  He prefers not to be alone, but with another dog in the home he has been okay for shorter periods of time. 


Did we mention that Bodie loves people?  Yes, he loves people.  He has spent more time with strangers in the vet's office than most of our puppies and dogs, and every time he comes out, someone else is in love with him and he is happy to have another friend.


We are also asking for help with his medical expenses and appointments.  We hope that his forever family will read his story and fall in love and he will be in his home soon.  But we have to prepare for the long term if that doesn't happen.  We have to be able to give him the medications he needs. 


There is so much we could say about Bodie that we could never fit onto the page.  We will be waiting with hope that you will email us for more information, fill out an adoption application if you are interested in adopting, or a foster application if you are interested in being a longer-term medical foster. 


There are times we come across a pup who is special. There is just something about them that touches your heart, something that we can't quite put a finger on.  Bodie is one of those pups. Fate has dealt him a raw deal, but he doesn't let it get him down.  He enjoys life and love more than any pup that we have ever met.  He is a watcher, a watcher of life, a lover of life, and we are determined to give him a family to enjoy that life with, one that will love him forever, one that will enjoy lazy days, taking mental photos of the best things in life. 


There are two things that Bodie needs right now, someone to love and somewhere to live.  Please help us find that home.  If you are not able to help with a home, please consider helping with a donation for his medical expenses.


Bodie's Meds Fund


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