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4 Months / Male

Long Coat

Black & Red


Bodie  is a very cute puppy, and probably even cuter when he was eight weeks old when he was picked from his litter and  went to his "forever" home.  Unfortunately,  it wasn't forever, and two months later, when he was bigger, maybe not as teddy bear cute, and  there was no time for him, well, no more home.  

He is with us now searching for his real "forever" home.   He is a bit behind in his social skills, so we are working on that and looking for a home that can continue working on those.  He loves his people.  He loves other dogs, but he never learned proper doggie introduction.  He is nervous at first and does the normal puppy protection bark that a younger puppy would do.  He doesn't realize that at 4 and a half month old, 40 plus pounds, the other dogs don't take it as well as they would if he were indeed an 8 week old puppy.   He is working with some really good puppy mentor dogs, though, who know that he only needs time.  

He does need a home with a large, confident dog dog that can help him continue working on his social skills, one that can also play with him and help him burn his puppy energy.    No small children for this little big guy, please.  


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